I’m sitting in the first session of the Code.org K-5 PD training workshop.

It’s my first time in Las Vegas. We went to In-N-Out Burger (required if I travel out west), and I hit a $2k jackpot on penny slots. Not bad. And now we’re getting an overview of the K-5 Code.org curriculum. It’s pretty exciting.

I learned to code when I was 5. Learning BASIC on a TI 99/4A. This is pretty much my first computer:

I love this idea. I receive constant shit from friends, family, co-workers, whatever, that the fact that I started hacking at 5 is probably more scary and off-putting when I talk about promoting CS education in K-5 (which is why I’m in Vegas, thanks to Code.org).

But Real Soon Now™ everyone is going ot start coding at 5, and on somethimg way more sphisticated than a Texas Instruments 99/4A.

Hadi Partovi is describing how much “cooler” coding is becoming as I type. I’m glad. I can’t wait to start teaching this Code.org curriculum. Coding isn’t just for white boys in hoodies, It’s not some thing for introverted nerds (well, we might have invented it, but we’re happy to share).

So it’s very exciting, and I’m so happy to be a part of it.

Hackers. Hackers everywhere.