It’s August 19th, the day we remember why the lucky stiff’s poignant departure from the internet. ruby-jokes would hate to part with the Whyday tradition of hacking on something just for fun and releasing it into the wild.

So it’s with great ambivalence we announce whynot, a gem that does irresponsible things because… why not?

whynot is for when you really just don’t care. It started as a single monkey-patch to Kernel, called maybe. maybe takes a block, and may or may not yield the result. So for instance:

maybe do |x,y,z|
x,y,z = 1,2,3
x + y + z

About half the time, this will return 6. The other half, nil.

About three minutes after I pushed whynot to Github, Micah Gates added some kernel methods that allowed for a little more specificity: mostly, which will execute your code about 2/3 of the time, and occasionally, which has about a 1 in 5 chance of actually executing your code.

But wait, there’s more!

Just in time for the 0.0.4 release this afternoon, I decided sometimes, the truth doesn’t matter. Or, at least, you just don’t care. So I added meh. Sometimes true, sometimes false, whatever. When you really don’t care, just do this:

meh ? "I guess" : "Nah."

I really wanted to create a global value like true or false that was neither truthy nor falsey, but I’m not sure whether that’s possible, and I have a feeling it would require some C-extension hackery if it is.

Perhaps for a future release?

As always, pull requests are welcome, and use at your own risk.