The Ruby Jokes team has a new gem for you that was designed, tested, and released in about an hour this afternoon: taint_aliases. You can get the full details on GitHub, but I thought a friendly introduction might make for an enlightening blog post.

Grundle Your Objects

You see, not everyone prefers the word “taint”. Some people are very clinical, and say ‘perineum’. Others prefer ‘grundle’ or ‘fleshy fun bridge’. We wanted to give you options, so taint_aliases makes a variety of synonyms available to you.

The Most Interesting Taint In The World

With taint_aliases, you can do things like this:

require 'taint_aliases'
obj =
=> true
str = "Foo Bar Baz"
=> true

Of course, there are other options, but you can find them in the documentation.


We’re currently at version 0.0.3 of the gem, but we plan on adding methods like Object#ungrundle and Object#grundled? before the 1.0 release.

Pull requests are welcome, and… you’re welcome.

P.S. Props to Micah Gates for work on the codebase and to Milt Reder for the conception of this gem while we were taking a break at work.


Thanks to a well-timed pull request from threeifbywhiskey, the milestone listed above has been met, and I just pushed v1.0.0 of the gem. w00t!