So I’m curious about this Uncarrier 4.0 thing rumoured to be rolled out by T-Mobile in the near future… I’ve considered ditching AT&T Wireless many times, but keep getting dragged back in by upgrades, which seem to take longer and longer to happen.

I tried to get my wife an upgrade for Christmas this year, just to find out both our upgrade dates are far, far in the future… I’m pretty certain we got more frequent upgrades a while back, but the current cycle seems absurd. I was fine with early contract renewals when it meant I got a shiny new phone, but when your renewal date is the same as your upgrade date (24 months), they’ve removed all incentive not to switch carriers. Which inidcates to me that perhaps their wireless division is run by idiots, indicating an incentive to switch carriers.

The last counter-incentive to switching is the Early Termination Fee, which, when you’re on a family plan and have multiple phones out-of-sync on contract renewal dates, is a bitch to work around. Now, for my part, I’m a committed Nexus fan, so I’m on an unsubsidised phone anyhow. But with T-Mobile, I can get my Nexus 5 straight from the carrier, Candice can pick out the phone she likes, and we can get more frequent upgrades without a contract.

So the real question is, what’s the downside?

Well, AT&T does have better overall coverage (and definitely better LTE coverage) than T-Mobile… for now. But we rarely leave Baltimore except to visit family, and all of the places we do visit family have excellent voice coverage, and we’ll be on WiFi at their houses, so… I’m really considering it.

If anyone has made the jump, please let me know in the comments. As soon as T-Mobile rolls out this “we’ll buy out your contract” deal, I’m probably ready to jump ship. I’ve never had any great love for AT&T, and waiting two years for an upgrade is just stupid. Hell, even getting out of carrier lock-in would be nice, and access to Deutsche Telekom’s global data network would be gravy if we start traveling as much as we’d like.

Anyhow… just ruminations for the moment, but… it could be pretty great.